Perhaps your garden is looking a bit tired, your old fence is starting to lean or you just fancy a change.

With a number of different fencing options to brighten your garden or yard, Luneside are able to assist you in making the right choice for your outdoor area.

Please call or email with your requirements and we can arrange a visit for a no obligation quotation.

Luneside Fencing Services only use materials of the highest quality but are also happy to use materials supplied by yourselves


This general purpose fencing is ideal for creating effective boundaries and keeping livestock, as well as domestic pets, exactly where they are meant to be.

All stock fences include one plain wire, netting and a choice of either plain or barbed top wire as standard. But again, Luneside Fencing Services are happy to tailor the fence to your requirements.

Luneside  guarantee strong, durable and economical stock fences due to using high tensile wire and tanalised, pressure treated timber. Also offering less ground disturbance with the use of 360 degree machinery.

Metal or wooden gates also available.


Luneside offer a range of post and rail fences. As standard, these include a choice of square or round posts and the option of 1 – 5 rails. Using 12 Feet rail lengths and posts placed every 1.8 Metres to ensure stability. Again, any specific requirements can be discussed by calling or emailing and a free consultation and quotation can be arranged.


Ensuring your horses are free to graze the paddock safely and away from danger is our main objective. We are equipped to erect  post and rail or high tensile netting to ensure your horse are secure. However, it is sometimes necessary to consider electric fencing for maximum security. Electric fencing is an effective method of containing horses and ponies and can be set up temporarily for moving grazing boundaries or simply splitting paddocks.


Security fencing is used  not only as a great deterrent to trespassers but also used to guard and protect property and ensure safety around dangerous areas. Luneside are happy to help you secure your home, workplace and community.

Chain Link
Anti Climb Devices
Barbed Wire / Razor Wire
Metal Railing / Steel Railing
Vertical Bar Fencing
Welded Mesh Security Panel
Sports Fencing / Sports Ground Fencing
Metal Perimeter Fencing
Playground Fencing